Almost every single day a new establishment braves the Yelper-infested waters of our enormous sea of restaurants. But the fall in particular welcomes a vast list of noteworthy openings, from established emperors to newcomers hoping for their big break. Here's a few spots we'll be clamoring for a reservation at this season.

WHITE GOLD April Bloomfield's next newest offering, Salvation Burger, remains shuttered after a fire, but she's still forging ahead with this new bistro on the Upper West Side. There, she'll be doing whole animal preparations, courtesy of an in-house butcher program—which'll supply burger meat for her other operations—and a gourmet Chopped Cheese sandwich that's already garnered some scuttlebutt. Opening September at 375 Amsterdam Avenue

abcV Shooting off of the famous pea guacamole debate, Jean-Georges Vongerichten debuts an animal-free restaurant alongside his ABC Cocina inside ABC Carpet & Home. Instead of trying to "compensate" for the lack of meat, the chef will instead focus on highlighting the seasonal plant bounty. Opening September at 38 East 19th Street

UNNAMED PIZZA RESTAURANT BY KESTE TEAM Consistently making best of lists in NYC, Keste—the West Village pizzeria by Master Pizzaiolo Roberto Caporuscio—is about to have a younger sibling with a new Financial District restaurant and pizza school that's too new to be named. Together with his daughter and future son-in-law, Caporuscio will offer 20 different types of pizza and teach pizza-making classes to individuals and groups. Opening October at 77 Fulton Street

LEUCA and WESTLIGHT If you've taken a gander at the Williamsburg skyline of late, you may have noticed the incredibly tall building that looks like it's being supported by stilts. That's the William Vale hotel, and it's where chef-restaurateur Andrew Carmellini will be cooking the wood-fired coastal cuisine of Southern Italy (Leuca). Up on the 22nd floor, a rooftop bar (Westlight) with street food bar snacks, cocktails and "rare spirits." Opening October at 111 North 12th Street

Ramen Shack (Scott Lynch/Gothamist)

RAMEN SHACK Keizo Shimamoto has been hard at work creating interesting ramen all over the city in the past few years, popping up at places like Smorgasburg and elsewhere. Now, he's got a new permanent space to showcase his flavorful and fun noodle soups, like a truffle shio and tori tan tan. You'll also be able to score the full roster of Shimamoto's proprietary Ramen Burgers. Opening week of September 26th at 13-13 40th Avenue in Long Island City

AUGUSTINE and FOWLER & WELLS The newly refurbished 5 Beekman has been transformed into The Beekman Hotel, which'll have two restaurants by notable NYC chefs. First up, Augustine by Keith McNally, and Fowler & Wells by Tom Colicchio. Opening September at 123 Nassau Street

MAISON PICKLE The unstoppable brunch force Jacob's Pickles open their next great line-maker in the former Ouest space soon. They'll be doing a few riffs on the French Dip, plus cocktails. Opening September at 2315 Broadway

DRUNKEN DUMPLING Fans of xiao long bao take note of this new dumpling heaven by a former Joe's Shanghai chef. They'll have tons of different kinds of dumplings, but it's all about the soup dumpling, including a Stony Mountain Ranch pork version in an hour-boiled pork bone broth, and a Crab Meat Dumpling with hand-picked crab meat in pork bone broth. Opening September 14th at 137 1st Avenue

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WAGAMAMA This international ramen chain has not one but TWO NYC outposts arriving at some point in the near future, the first of which should debut next month in the Flatiron. Expect Japanese comfort foods including several types of ramen, curries, gyoza and donburi. Opening October at 210 Fifth Avenue

UNION SQUARE CAFE After being ousted from its home of nearly 30 years, Danny Meyer's pioneering Union Square eatery has found new digs up the block to continue the farm-to-table tradition. Expect some of the classic dishes, plus some new innovations now that they'll have a much larger kitchen. Opening October at 235 Park Avenue South

LALO Out of the karaoke ashes of Winnie's rises "hippie Chicano" with the next offering from Chef Gerado Gonzalez of El Rey Coffee Bar and Luncheonette on Stanton Street. Gonzalez will apparently be making his own tortillas and offering a vegan Caesar salad, among other playfully healthful options. Opening October at 104 Bayard Street

NUR If you're a regular reader of this weblog, no doubt you've been excited by the marvels of Breads Bakery; now the same investor has partner with a different Israeli chef to open this Flatiron fine dining spot specializing in modern interpretations of Middle Eastern cuisine. Opening October at 34 East 20th Street

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HAROLD'S MEAT + THREE Channel the cafeteria for the definition of meat and three, where diners select one meat and three sides to accompany it. Coming back strong from the closure of Commerce, Harold Moore'll be channeling the South for this newcomer inside the Arlo Hotel in Hudson Square. Expect meats like Crab Au Gratin, Green Chili Tripe, Beer Can Chicken, Broiled Flounder, Roasted Lobster and New York Strip Steak. Opening September at 2 Renwick Street

PHIL & ANNE'S GOOD TIME LOUNGE Anne Burrell, the spiky-haired chef you'll recognize if you watch anything on the Food Network, is launching her NYC restaurant this fall in Cobble Hill. The restaurant will turn out Mediterranean and Italian-influenced cuisine, arranged in an evolving menu from lighter (mushrooms and a poached egg) to heavier (brined pork chop with polenta) dishes. Opening September at 196 Smith Street

HARVEY Fresh off the success of his Brooklyn Bread Lab, Chef Adam Leonti debuts a vegetable-focused restaurant inside The Williamsburg Hotel. Expect tons of his freshly-milled pastas and breads, and rice dishes like Squash Arancini and Saffron Risotto. Opening October at 96 Wythe Avenue

TIM HO WAN With the distinction as the world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant, the arrival of this dim sun-centric eatery is bound to attract large crowds. Proprietor Mak Kwai Pui will be bringing prawn dumplings, baked buns and other dim sum specialities in addition to "dishes appealing to American appetites, including 'high quality beef dishes.'" Opening October at 85 Fourth Avenue at 10th Street