You spend enough time stuck inside reading Gothamist at work; why should you be imprisoned by walls and roofs all over again on your free time? It's summer, and you are entitled to drink and eat outside, with nothing separating you from the stars but a thin layer of gabardine. With that in mind, we've put together this handy guide to some outdoor dining and drinking spots to hit this summer. Some are old standbys, some are new arrivals, and none of them feature any of that B.S. sidewalk seating. They are, in order of appearance, Bohemian Hall, B Bar, Faustina, Ardesia, The Summit, Hot Bird, The Upstairs, Luckydog, Blackout, Traif, Sky Terrace/Private Park, and The Rock Shop.

N.B.: These selections are a complement to last year's choices, all of which are still highly recommendable (except the The Ravel Hotel Rooftop Bar & Lounge in Long Island City; it's actually a nightmare—sorry about that one guys!), so before you tell us about all the places we missed, please do take a moment to review last year's list, thanks.