A century-old East Village bakery where Martin Scorsese allegedly procured his holiday cookies is the latest city staple to throw in the towel. De Robertis Pasticceria, which has stood on First Avenue since 1904, will power down its ovens following the sale of the family's building at number 176 for an estimated $12 million. Current owner John De Robertis reminisced with Bedford + Bowery about his grandfather's business, which will close the first week in December.

"People’s buying habits have changed. They’re weight-conscious and don’t want the items that we sell in their diet," laments De Robertis. "People always tell me, why don’t you change the nature of the business, change the items that you make. You know, you are what you are. To sell fruit and sandwiches, I don’t know if that will fit here. It’s not in my blood to do that." The shop counted many celebrities devotees beyond Scorsese and was also frequented by locals who clamored for their cannoli.

"We’re going to thank all our patrons for their loyalty, for making us successful for 110 years. The people were the reason why we’re here," De Robertis says. "I learned from my father and mother: 'Always give quality—people come back.'"