Is the fact that a 102-year-old woman opted to spend her most recent birthday dining at Long Island's finest purveyor of tiny burgers sweet, sad, or neither?

"Jesus that's depressing," said Gothamist Managing Editor John Del Signore upon seeing this link to CBS New York, which details Massapequa resident Madeleine Turpan's induction into White Castle's “Cravers Hall of Fame,” a title that they didn't just make up for her!

Turpan has been eating at White Castle "at least once a month for more than 80 years," and in a seemingly contradictory statement, asserts that eating properly is very important to a long life. At some point, she hopes to get around to learning the White Castle recipe.

"One of these days I’ll ask them how they make that hamburger but I’ll never match it, I could never match it,” she said.

Her nephew, Eugene Nifenecker, told ABC 7 that Turpan, a former dietician, has been to plenty of other "real fine restaurants," but that she remains devoutly loyal to the burger chain.

"The best birthday I've ever had," said Madeleine.