100808paella.jpgIt's obscenely overpriced publicity gimmick time again! Today the object of derision is the $1,000 paella now on the menu at Sofrito. Chef Ricardo Cardona says the dish—made with rice, truffles and truffle oil, baby eel, octopus, Maine lobster and Alaskan prawns—was inspired by other outrageously expensive meals, which include such greatest hits as the $1,000 bagel and $25,000 dessert. And like Karl Rove before him, Cardona seems to have divorced himself from such vulgarities as "reality" or "facts"; he asks the Daily News, "Who said 'recession'? Who said 'bad economy'?" To his credit, Cardona's taking in just $800 from each paella sold because 20% is being donated to Ayuda, a nonprofit that helps disadvantaged Latino youngsters. A nice gesture, but it also makes our righteous indignation about 20% less fun.