Get ready to line up extra early at Smorgasburg this Saturday because the Sun Noodle stand will be selling burgers with ramen "buns" to the first 100 souls willing to face the world before noon on a weekend. Noodle master Keizo Shimamoto is bringing his Ramen Burger creation to the waterfront market as a kind of trial run for a potential restaurant in the future.

The burger consists of a 75-25% blend patty, a generous slathering of shoyu sauce, peppery arugula and a scattering of scallions. In lieu of bread, Shimamoto griddles discs of Sun Noodle ramen noodles in sesame oil until they are crisp, then stuffs the "buns" with the burger and fixins. He'll employ the PleatPak, an innovative burger wrapper, to ensure all the soup-y goodness from your burger doesn't leak onto your Urban Outfitters Minor Threat T-shirt.

Shimamoto ran Bassanova Ramen in Tokyo and was slated to be part of the NYC expansion until he revealed on his blog that he was no longer involved. Instead, he'll focus on getting his Ramen Burger plan off the ground, starting with this weekend's soft debut. Check out more Ramen Burger porn here.