Zoe no! Today the Times talks to Zooey Deschanel, along with her 500 Days of Summer co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whom the paper says really "enjoy one another’s company." What do they share in common? A desire to shit on the Big Apple apparently! Zooey tells the paper, “I think there are so many films that romanticize New York in that way, but it’s not like a perfect city. It’s dirty, and if you blow your nose, there’s dirt coming out.” Apparently the smog sneezes are squeaky clean in Zooey's hometown of LA, where the film is set. Up next is Gordon-Levitt, who says, “I didn’t really start to appreciate what was beautiful or aesthetically pleasing about L.A. until I moved to New York when I was 19. I’d come back to visit, and I’d be like: ‘You know what? There’s something really nice about driving through the canyons and singing as loud as I want, alone in my car.’ ” Well who's stopping you, ya alien twerp? Back when Zooey talked to Gothamist, she told us, "I love New York. I've worked there a lot and I feel really comfortable there." Maybe reenacting famous local bloody death scenes has made someone a little Gotham germophobic.