Last night the Park Slope Barnes & Noble was overrun with zombies! The bookstore held a signing for Roger Ma's and Y.N. Heller's "Zombie Combat Manual," which featured a live combat demonstration and a "zombifying" makeup artist. However, many attendees brought their own makeup and costumes, turning the Cookbook section of the Barnes & Noble basement into a B-movie horror scene. Ma said he wrote the book for everyone who goes to Lowe's and "looks at shovels as possible weapons against the undead," and after a brief reading he brought out his zombie dummy "Bob" to demonstrate the "Straicirs Technique" of circling the enemy and striking from the side. Attendants got a chance to try the technique with a variety of weapons.

Of course, the nerds were out, asking such intellectual zombie questions as "What if rats and pigeons start eating the undead?" and "If there's an invasion from the west, what is your plan for the first 48 hours?" Ma had answers for all of them (apparently rats won't eat carrion and biking to the Catskills would be a good idea). Physical preparation, the danger of blood splatter and the effectiveness of the Vulcan death grip were all addressed, but one kid had the guts to ask the obvious: "Why can't you just gather them all in one area and nuke 'em?" Gotta nuke something.