Yesterday nearly 100 zombies dragged their bones to Kent Street in Williamsburg for an afternoon session of yoga. Zombie yoga.


Last week the invite went out stating: "This weekend I am attempting career suicide and I'd like YOU to bring the gauze. That's right! On Sunday, October 14th I plan to assemble the largest group of zombies doing yoga EVER. Bring a yoga mat. Dress like a zombie." Those intrigued (and maybe some extras from this SNL short) showed up strong in numbers and heavy on makeup for an afternoon of the living undead (and downward dog). The 60 minutes of poses and subsequent drinks wasn't just for fun though - it was a marketing ploy! The day was sponsored by The Zen of Zombie: Better Living Through the Undead book - which the host of the event (who admitted to us, "I had never actually seen yoga being done before two days prior") was filming a promotional video for. Up next: zombielates?

Photos via md76's Flickr.