Age, occupation, and where you live, because we're nosy

30, Playing Card Publisher of Bush Cards, New York City
Truth be told, how many copies of Bush Cards have you sold so far? 192,000

How long did it take you to get the cards out to the public, from the first moment you discussed the idea? And were you drunk when you thought of it - or weeping while watching the news?
It was about 8 weeks from idea to public release. More than anything, I was angry about the war and that so much of the media was buying into the administration's marketing of it-making the cards just made me laugh at a time when I really needed to. I'm glad I wasn't drunk when I thought of it-I probably would have forgotten about it.

In a New Yorker Talk of the Town piece, the cards are quoted at $5, but the website now says they're $7.95. Have you seen a spike in demand for Bush Cards? And what are you doing with the extra $2.95?
Good question. I'm glad someone is paying attention. Our original pricing was based on running the whole operation ourselves out of my living room. When we hit about 30,000 decks sitting in the middle of my living room, we had to hire help and move the fulfillment side over to professionals. I guess you could say the extra money has gone to job creation---and cleaning my living room after we got all the boxes out.

Which states' residents have been the biggest purchasers of Bush Cards?

California is first with about 24,000 copies. NY is right behind with about 23,000.

What's the best use of the Bush Cards you've heard about so far?
A number of people have told me that they have used the cards in casino night fundraisers for Kerry or the DNC, as a "Bet against Bush" event. On the negative reaction side, a pro-Bush customer who mistakenly bought the cards once said they would use them as toilet paper. It seems an expensive and painful way to wipe your butt, but I suppose it does ultimately speak to our message.

You also work in film - what are some of your other projects?
Right now, I'm starting post-production on a verite documentary about a professional Strongman. It's sort of like a real-life version of La Strada, with a little bit of Crumb or The Cruise thrown in. It should be done early next summer and then I will be making the rounds of the festival circuit with it.

And because we sort of drool at the idea of MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow as the Joker, can we please get a set a NYC Government cards for 2005?
That's not a bad idea. I'll gladly cut you in. Maybe we could make a series of Political MetroCards.

Favorite subway line
Well, I liked the Q Diamond a lot. It had a good express route in both Brooklyn and Manhattan and great views from the Manhattan Bridge.

Favorite/least favorite gentrification trend
Not a big fan of the stadium trend-either on the Westside or downtown Brooklyn.

I like what's happened on Amsterdam between 122-123rd, with Max Soha and their new café providing good food at fair prices while still leaving room for a mid-block bodega and a storefront health clinic. It used to be a little scary walking there at night.

Favorite moment in NYC history so far
The period after 9/11 made me very proud to be a New Yorker

Favorite NYC politician
I don't know...maybe Charles Rangel?

Better headlines - NY Post or NY Daily News?
The Post-by far.

Best place for political humor
The Post again.

Dogs, cats or babies
Like them. Not ready to have any myself.