zachwen_big.jpgThe Basics
Age and occupation. How long have you lived here, where did you come from, and where do you live now?
Zach: 33, born and raised in NYC, owner, Vespa Soho
Wen: 26, born in Toishan, China, owner, Vespa Soho and Red Agency (PR) raised in NYC since age 4.
Both currently living in a sublet in NoHo

Three Quick Ones (while he's away)
1. Transportation in NYC occupies the extreme ends of the convenience spectrum. Many options are available but taxi drivers are crazy, the subway smells, buses barely warrant a mention, owning a car and parking it is a death sentence, motorcycles are loud, and let's face it, walking can be tiring. Are Vespas the answer to our city's congestion and headache problems or do they just look cool?
NYC has all the same problems as Milan, Paris, and London - no parking, high gas prices, terrible traffic. Those cities have a few years head start on NY for Vespa sales, but have all answered this question with a big YES. The looking cool part and having fun is a nice side effect.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted on a Vespa in London last summer, have you sold any to "celebrities" here?
Our customer list includes Mathew Broderick, Uma Thurman, Joel Coen + Frances McDormond (the director, half of the Coen brothers), Bijou Phillips, Mark Consuelos + Kelly Ripa...

3. How do I know if a Vespa is right for me? Like, say I'm into amphetamines and Quadrophenia, is that enough?
If you would own a car if you lived somewhere other than NYC, then a Vespa will work for you. Easy, fun, and cheap to own, and you always have a parking space where ever you go. We bought our first Vespa because we thought it would be a cool toy - instead it transformed our lives and ourrelationship with the city. No more do we fear diagonal crosstown journeys or visiting friends in the other boroughs.

Proust-Krucoff Questionnaire
Please share a personal (and hopefully interesting) NYC taxi story.
Dude - I haven't even been in a taxi since I bought my first Vespa.

What's your New York motto?

Best celebrity sighting in New York, or personal experience with one if you're that type.
Uma Thurman and her new boyfriend sucking face in the Vespa Soho wash stall.

Describe that low, low moment when you thought you just might have to leave NYC for good.
Every time we get robbed.

Just after midnight on a Saturday - what are you doing?
Hiding from the B&T crowds at home with our personal stash of....

What's the most expensive thing in your wardrobe?
Zach's set of racing leathers - who knew you could race Vespas?

Finish one of the four following sentences:
1) "Outside of his building, on E. 9th Street, Chip took money from Enid and..."
bought a knock-off Von Dutch trucker hat.

What was your best dining experience in NYC?
Not telling - we don't want ya'll swarming our secret spots.

Just how much do you really love New York?
Heaps and Heaps, Piles and Piles

What happened the last time you went to L.A.?
We were kept up all night by a third-rate porn movie being shot in the next room at the Carson Civic Center Hilton. They were probably moaning so much because the sheets were like burlap. That shit hurts!

Medication: What and how much do you take?
Herbs and lots of them.

Of all the movies made about (or highly associated with) New York, what role would you have liked to be cast in?
Al Pacino's character in Devil's Advocate.

If you could change one thing about New York, what would it be?
We would make it less FILTHY

The End of The World is finally happening. What are you going to do with your last 24 hours in NYC?
Violate every traffic law on the books.

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