Last night at the Garden was the annual Christmas concert thrown by Z100 known as the Jingle Ball. Perusing a list of its performers is a bit of an eye-opening experience for some of us in realizing just how long it's been since we had "the phrase that pays" rolling off the tips of our tongues. But dare we say that in its thirteenth year, the Jingle Ball has been running for long enough to be considered an adolescent institution here in the Big Apple. Plus we can always delude ourselves of our relative youth status by reading the Daily News description of the tweenage girls "having one heck of a good time."

A couple of years back, the Times described Z100's Jingle Ball as distinguishing itself from other city's Top 40 Christmas concerts because here there's "an atmosphere unique to New York, where many people have money, a healthy sense of entitlement and a panting desire to be part of the most interesting thing going on at any given time."