2003_10_hermeslogo.jpgFrench photographer Yves Guillot has an exhibit of photographs, Twelve Tables: The Murmur of Things, opening at the Hermes Gallery today. The work in Twelve Tables takes ordinary objects as still life subjects, but Guillot's lens tries to explore what secrets they may be trying to tell. Photographer Ralph Gibson calls him an "intellectual who has made a significant contribution to the existing definition of photography."

Guillot's books, Voiture and La Logeuse. The photograph at left is from Le Vert Luisant. And an article about Guillot and his use of color film.

The Hermes Gallery is at 691 Madison Avenue (yes, that's the Hermes store, which we didn't even realize had art to appreciate alongside the Kelly bag), open Monday through Saturday, 10AM to 6PM, Thursday, 10AM to 7PM.