Earlier today Snuggie and Fashion Week collided, as the sleeved blankets took the runway at the Snuggie fall 2009/winter 2010 collection show. The invite read that it would "showcase the latest colors, fabrics and patterns" and feature "the sexiest looks in blanket-wear," for not only adults, but kids and canines as well. (Sadly, it doesn't look like the SnugWow was featured.)

While Anna Wintour didn't seem to make it, these 12 other people did! Sure attendance was low, but the show did get a lot of sexy Twitter action, including one wanna-be fashionista's opinion that "Snuggie is a disgrace to Fashion Week." Oh, c'mon, hating on Snuggies is like hating on puppies!

UPDATE: We hear these styles are already on shelves in Bed, Bath & Beyond—is this the first collection that's ever gone from "off the rack" to Fashion Week?