For the love of suspicious combovers: What does it mean when Gothamist gets an email from Expedia, excitedly announcing the Apprentice Legend Cruise?

Join former cast members of the hit series The Apprentice, and sail from New York City aboard Carnival’s Trump World Legend September 26 – October 4, 2005! After a VIP bon voyage party featuring “The Chairman” himself, Donald Trump, you’ll leave the Manhattan skyline in the distance, sailing for exotic Caribbean ports-of-call. You’ll be entertained in Trump World style with gala events, luxurious receptions and over-the-top parties. Rub elbows with past cast members and get to know thousands of other fans while you test your competitive edge at our “Apprentice-type” activities and contests – come ready to win!

"Apprentic-type" activities, like backstabbing and stupid decision making? Public humiliation? Their idea of legends are Stacy J., Raj (clearly there to see almost naked ladies), and Jen C. - no one from the first season has signed on at all, not even Oma-"look at me"-rosa! Yet. Gothamist hopes part of the itinerary is the Bermuda Triangle.

For some reason, Expedia thinks that we'd be interested in shelling at least $1200 for a berth on what we'd like to call "the 4th circle of hell...on water." Gothamist would say this is one of the problems of targetted emailing, but, hey, we got a post out of it.