2007_01_arts_rs.jpgDid you see the season premiere of "I'm From Rolling Stone"? A combination of job interview, intership and reality tv...the show didn't disappoint with its "oh no (s)he did not!" moments. Jann Wenner was rarely thanked for giving them the opportunity, instead the contestants say things like "For reals?" and "Should I bring clothes and condoms?" as a reaction to his call. And then contestant-number-whatever told Joe Levy he was drunk when he wrote his first piece! Probablly not the best idea, buddy (but we totally saw it coming). That is only okay if, say, you are Lester Bangs...and you actually have something intersting to say even when you are "under the influence".

Think you can do better? Rolling Stone online is giving everyone a chance to prove their writing prowess:

"Think you could tap out something better? Put your money where your mouse is. At noon every Monday, we’ll announce the week’s competition, based on writing assignments the kids received on the show the night before. Entries are due Friday at noon, with weekly winners announced the following week."

Be sure to do lots of shots first! We're just curious to see which of these contestants will keep pursuing writing as a career after this show. And for the record, we totally bet Russell will kick some ass in the Real World/Road Rules/I'm From Rolling Stone challenge.