Who Gothamist yelled "You're fired!" to over the weekend:
- The near-empty pint of ice cream in the freezer
- The hipsters who stole our cab
- Our lactose intolerant publisher who decided to eat copious amounts of cheese, causing him to bail
- Aleksandr Petrovsky

Okay, not really. Gothamist doesn't yell "You're fired"; we just pout and swear. Anyway, Newsweek decides the zeitgeist is in The Donald, and interviews if not the most annoying boss in the world, the most gilt-obsessed boss ever for the cover. The Post, knowing its readers would care, details the article's emphasis on Trump's hair.

Also, TMI warning: Jack Welch mentions watching The Apprentice "in bed" with fiancee Suzy Westlaufer. Ew, we do not want to know about bedroom practices of retired and current CEOs unless it involves a crazy costumes, a salacious lawsuit and trial.