2006_11_arts_nymovies.jpgNew York city's streets are a favorite location for filmmakers. Anyone who's ever turned the corner in their neighborhood only to be confronted by a giant trailer or cherry picker rig, knows this. Even as it gets colder, there's still lots of movie being filmed in the city. For instance, the last week or so 2nd Avenue in the East Village has been home to one of the many local film or TV productions.

Earlier this week in the NY Times, John Leland reported from the set in Harlem of Tony Scott's new movie with Russell Crowe, American Gangster. This weekend, the reviews TV show Reel Talk with Jeffrey Lyons and Alison Bailes focuses on movies shot here in New York. They list whole films set in New York and particularly memorable scenes from iconic locations. The show airs on Saturday at 7 pm on NBC. Also, this fall the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting have been celebrating 40 years of Film in New York with a series of events throughout the city.

Do you have a favorite story about when your block starred in a movie or TV show?

[Production still from Woody Allen's classic love letter to New York, Manhattan.]