2006_06_arts_ysa.gifBands in New York need to be creative to stand out amongst the masses. A year ago we were on an Indie Night School panel discussing how to get your band reviewed and noticed. The general consensus was that a cd will quickly find it's way into a cd player if a friend has recommended the band. Word of mouth from people with similar music taste speaks volumes over, say, receiving fifteen emails from a band in one week promoting their shows.

I Rock I Roll recently noticed a flyer hanging up around town, which read: "Where were you? I waited all night. I'll be at Fat Baby on May 11th at 8pm. 112 Rivington Street. Please don't let me down. - Your Secret Admirer"

The flyer is for a band, called Your Secret Admirer, and this is how they promote their shows. A pretty great idea - even if that show is at Fat Baby, a venue which, for the record, we have never - even secretly - admired.

So, let's see some more ideas like this!

Photo via Nora @ I Rock I Roll