We all have our daily rituals: checking Facebook from bed, spending $2 on a cup of coffee, or boarding the subway from a specific place on the platform. In between all of that, we pour energy into relationships, both personal and professional, our home lives, and our careers, giving meaning and joy to our everyday lives. It's the kind of stuff we do to push our passions forward—and every new experience along the way helps to enrich that journey.

But let's be real: meeting the right people that help make your path more rewarding or more examined isn't so easy. Sure, you can meet all sorts of interesting people at "networking events" like mixers and panels, though to borrow from an old adage, you'll likely kiss a lot of frogs in the process.

The world is full of interesting and likeminded people, but how exactly do you find them? No need to walk around wearing a sandwich board listing your creative projects, and maybe give your business cards a break for a moment. Enter Shapr: it’s an app looking to revolutionize the way you meet and connect with inspiring professionals, no uncomfortable small talk required.

Each day, Shapr curates a list of 10 relevant professionals in your area, based on an algorithm that accounts for your personal and professional interests, job title and location. Your best matches are delivered straight to your phone where you can swipe easily and anonymously in less than a minute. And, of course, if there's a match, you can start planning that coffee meetup right away. (It's like a certain dating app but, well, much less awkward).

Think of Shapr like another daily ritual, and adopt a healthier and more rewarding networking habit. So go on—get out there and meet the right people waiting to meet you. To learn more, download Shapr on your phone, and start connecting today.

This post is brought to you by Shapr.