We warned you a few weeks ago that the symbol of eternal love you so romantically plucked from your gym locker was probably headed for the DOT's dustbin, but did you listen? Of course not. Writing your names on a padlock and hurling the key into the East River is as important a part of visiting the Brooklyn Bridge as posing for a selfie in the bike lane. (A note to those who affixed combination locks: You're blowing it.)

In the past, the DOT has sent entire crews out to theatrically saw away the love locks, which began appearing on bridges around the world thanks to Italian author Federico Moccia's book Ho Voglia Di Te, which in 2007 was turned into a movie. The agency apparently had bigger fish to fry today, leaving the daunting task to one lone worker and his Sad Bolt Cutters. Anyhow, here's the clip that destroyed the poor DOT man's day.

The love locks are not recycled, meaning that your insipid declaration of love is contributing to the decline of our planet. How about professing your feelings for your sweetheart by picking up a piece of garbage for them instead?