The Post looks at what it's like to have your home co-opted by a film or TV show. With daily rates of $2000 (for posh locations), loads of equipment will be loaded in, your and your neighbors' peace of mind distressed, and strangers will tramp around your place. (Hey, it's almost like a couch surfer - just not the getting money part.) The Post has tips for how you can get your place on screen, with the Mayor's Office of Film & TV Production as the first thing to check out - they have a page on how to make your home a "star." One of Gothamist's all time favorite NYC home locations is the house at Archer Avenue where the Tenenbaums live; the Observer looked at Wes Anderson's and his crew's fastidious attention to the house's detail.

Gothamist will most definitely sign up with the Office of FIlm & TV Production, because we are certain that location scouts are dying to know about another apartment cluttered with too much crap. A.O. Scott called the Panic Room essentially luxury real estate porn and said that the film had "many scenes of graphic violence, some of it directed at the walls and windows of a beautiful old house."