To salute Fashion Week, the MTA is doing its bit with Fashion Underground: They have commissioned designers to create various accessories that are worth at least 500 subway rides, like the Lambertson Truex wallet with Metrocard holder and the Kenneth Cole boots with, yes, a "discreet" pocket for a Metrocard. Then there's Judith Ripka's Gotham Gold Necklace, which has a retail value of $9,700; the wonderful city rag pointed out the MTA's unfortunate-yet-funny pun that the necklace "gives a brand new meaning to 'bling around the collar.'" Gothamist loves the Colette Malouf Metro Coin Bib Necklace (right) because tokens are totally identifiable with the NYC subway system of yore. Alas, it's too rich for our blood - we'll just have to make one ourselves.

The MTA-inspired accessories are on display at the Transit Museum's annex at Grand Central Terminal starting this Friday until February 27.