If picking up a baby rat instead of an olive at your local Fairway isn't enough to fill your soul with terror, the city provides plenty of other horrifying options each Halloween season. Here are some haunted houses to check out, bringing you from the McKittrick Hotel to John Wayne Gacy's basement.

  • Blackout: This one is definitely not for the kids, or anyone who doesn't want to be groped by strangers in a haunted house. Here's the deal: enter alone with nothing but a flashlight and try to make it through without crying for your mommy. There's a list of rules and a waiver you have to sign. Not scared yet? Head to 115 West 27th Street now through November 4th to pay someone $45 to scare the crap out of you.

  • Killers: A Nightmare Haunted House: This year's controversial theme revolves around serial killers, both real and fictional. We checked this one out ourselves, and can say that if you've ever wanted John Wayne Gacy to shove you into a basement, then this is really the place for you. The murderous rampage ends on November 3rd, and takes place inside 107 Suffolk Street between Rivington and Delancey. Ticketing varies so check out the site's pricing list.
  • BloodManor: This classic returns with some new attractions like the "GRAVEYARD OF THE DOOMED" and "BANQUET OF TORTURE"—this year they even have some Steampunk elements thrown in for good measure. The house is located at 163 Varick Street, and runs from October 5th though November 3rd at varying times. Grab your $25 ticket online early or be subject to a $10 upcharge at the door. Yikes!

  • Coney Island's Creep Show at the Freak Show: Coney Island continues to entertain with the carnies and the freaks from yesteryear, but at this freak show you'll experience more than the sword swallowing acts. The CreepShow allows you to investigate different crime scenes in the interactive walk through: "The Ride Inspectors Nightmare," where you can expect to come across a collapsed roller coaster and dead tourists. You even get to partake in the sentencing of the ride inspector. Runs from October 12th till October 31st at 1208 Surf Avenue. Tickets are $10.

  • Luna Park's Nights of Horror Here you'll be able to choose between the Coney Carnival, which will put your deepest fear of clowns to the test, or the Cudie Farm, where scarecrows have had enough of us New Yorkers. Both haunted mazes are pretty guaranteed to scare you. BONUS!: Tickets to Nights of Terror give you unlimited access to the rides (which will be illuminated by blacklights and fog). This one runs only on the weekends and begins October 12th, running through October 28th at Luna Park (West 9th Street and Surf Avenue). Tickets are $30.

  • Bronx Haunted Warehouse: Head to the Bronx for this new comer (formally Nightmare: Z-Day), which brings the dead back to life. This is a zombie-filled maze (brought to you from the creators of Nightmare), so you'll be able to live all of your Walking Dead dreams. Bronx Haunted Warehouse begins on October 5th and ends October 31st. It's located at 1157 Commerce Avenue, and just like Nightmare, ticketing varies, but be sure to buy yours early.

  • Carnival Des Corbeaux: Sleep No More: Immerse yourself in the McKittrick Hotel for special Halloween parties following performances of the popular interactive theatre piece. Each day comes with a strict "MUST ADHERE" costume theme, from serpents to sorcerers. The main site shows these amazing posters of the schedule you need to stick to. As with everything that happens at the McKittrick, this one is best left mysterious. Carnival begins October 26th and runs until the 31st. This one is located at 530 West 27th Street, and you can purchase individual tickets for any of the 6 nights.