There are plenty of accommodations to be found in Rockaway, outside of Craigslist rentals—last year the Playland Motel opened, and this year a controversially-themed hostel joined the fray (note: they have renamed their rooms overnight). But you're in Rockaway, where there is water you can float on as you drift to sleep. For that, you have two options:

Photo by Combo Colab

This floating hotel is also a "sustainable living art adventure!" Moored at Marina 59, where Boatel is also anchored, is Truck-A-Float. The community of four rentable pods are broken down into the Century Horseshoe, the GMC Diamondbacks, the Jeraco Barnacle, and the Jeraco Swan—all named for the materials that went into building them.

A night's stay costs $60-$80 (weekday/weekend), and with your lodging you'll get: a full size mattress, some storage space and a cooler, vests, and bathrooms (with a shower) are at the marina. It's recommended that you bring sheets, blankets, layers for the chilly nights, and insect repellent.


Boatel in 2012 (Photo by Sam Horine/Gothamist)

Boatel has been on hiatus, but they're renovating for a reopen this summer. There had been mixed reviews in its former incarnation, which no doubt spurred the change—one guest declaring: "This place is a dump. There's nothing cute about sweating like Typhoid Mary while bugs, drunk on your plasma, hover mockingly just above your head. On a scale of 1 to 10 i give the Boatel the finger."

While you'll still need your insect repellent, Marina 59 manager Rosie Stevens told Bedford + Bowery, "We're trying to refurbish them in a way so that it’s a little more hotel-style rather than avant-garde art installation." We've reached out for more information on the NEW Boatel, including pricing details, and will update when we hear back.