Facebook friend additions must be navigated very carefully, and once you've gotten past who you do and don't want spying on your online life, you then have to worry about not annoying those people... because: you will! A new study has arrived, tackling how women really feel about their Facebook friends, and of the 400 women surveyed, 83% are simply annoyed. On top of that:

  • 65% hate that you share too many mundane updates too often
  • 46% dislike that you "Like" too many posts
  • 40% don't like it when you inappropriately or too frequently use Facebook to promote causes
  • 40% wish you would stop projecting false information or images of a perfect life

Also, stop stalking, stop being a drama queen, stop talking about your kids, stop documenting your lunches, stop being a poser, and stop airbrushing your photos.