Last week the Brooklyn Nets held open auditions for their Kids Dance Team, comprised of children between the ages of 6-13 who'll get paid to dance at weekend home games at Barclays Center. Judging by the Nets' website, the team's uniforms are fairly modest, but it seems some parents weren't afraid to let their daughters bare some flesh in order to stand out from the competition.

All these photos and more are up on the Nets' Facebook page, where none of the commenters seem to find this the least bit creepy. "This little kids are awesome wow," writes one, with another chiming in, "I remember these days." Really? It's true we've blocked out much of our childhood, but memories of little girls in makeup dancing provocatively in mid-riff bearing tops and booty shorts don't spring immediately to mind. Are we turning into old fuddy duddies or are some of these kids too young to dress like bridge & tunnel harlots? Let's let the Gothamist comments decide!