The day is finally here: tonight's Tonight Show will be the last hosted by Conan O'Brien. With the departure deal now signed, the Wall Street Journal discusses how the host will do with that whole nondisparagement clause thing. At any rate, he had no pause when it came to taking shots at the network during last night's show (though Robin Williams did most of the dirty work). He's also joked about some loopholes: like being able to trash NBC in Spanish, or in song.

The clause will run out in 7 months, however, and O'Brien isn't even allowed back on the air until September (this includes any interviews). If you're feeling like you can't keep up with this chaos, here it is all summed up in a Ken Burns-esque documentary:

And by the way, did you hear who the keynote speaker at this year's White House Correspondents Dinner is? Jay Leno. The dinner isn't until May, so maybe the Obama camp will pull a Leno and take the position back from him before he even gets a chance to enjoy it.