Elton vs. Skrillex (Getty)

There will be no miracles at Madison Square Garden this New Year's Eve, as Phish departs the arena for... Miami, according to some rumors. And taking their spot are EDM boy gods Skrillex and Diplo. The good news is, if you aren't into Molly-fueled arena raves, you can just follow the yellow brick road to Brooklyn.

At that borough's big arena, Barclays Center, Elton John will be holding court for the night! And tickets go on sale September 26th (10 a.m.). "The New Year’s Eve performance will include renowned hits and classic album tracks from throughout Elton’s incredible five-decade career, as well as a selection of songs from his highly-acclaimed album, the recently re-released 40th Anniversary CD, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Torn? Listen to this Deadmou5 EDM remix of "Tiny Dancer," and let your heart guide you.

And if you think it's too early to be talking New Year's plans, we'd like to alert you that you're already behind on your Christmas shopping.