Pet owners may be seriously considering cloning their pets - or at least buying ones that look exactly like the ones they have - considering that some city landlords challenge tenants who get new pets to replace ones that die under a 1982 law. The City Council is holding hearings about the so-called "no pet clause". Queens Councilwoman Melinda Katz is looking to introduce a bill to remove the clause, saying, "I think they [the courts] are flawed in their interpretation. In the end, the bill is not about pets but its about people who are the ones who have the pets." In other words, as Newsday says, the landlords have the leases with the tenants, not the pets. That's true, when was the last time Thompson paid the rent? Thompson is such a freeloader, he pays Gothamist back in being so cute and in having such a delicate constitution that requires ridiculous amounts of medical attention and duck and pea cat food. Anyway, Gothamist wonders why pet food companies aren't doing more to help lobby on the behalf of apartment dwelling pet owners. We'd like to see the Meow Mix Mobile circling City Hall.

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