It's sledding season, so grab a sled and some "non-silicon based kitchen lubricant [that] creates a surface 500 times more slippery than any cooking oil," and head for the hills. Here are some good spots around the five boroughs. And if you don't have a traditional sled, you can always use a cookie sheet, a garbage can lid, an old tire, or even a cardboard box.


  • Pilgrim Hill in Central Park (5th Ave and 72nd Street)
  • Riverside Park on the Upper West Side, at 103rd Street
  • Riverside Drive on the Upper West Side, at 91st Street (the difference? This one is for adults, and dons the nickname “Suicide Park”)
  • Squid Knits sends us this tip: "Don't forget Cedar Hill in Central Park at 79th and 5th. Fast sledding for the older kids going from west to east and gentler slopes for the little ones going from east to west."
  • In 2021, Governors Island opened year-round, and they've got sledding hills (as well as sled rentals)!

Sledding on February 1, 2021


  • Fort Greene Park (a steep, less crowded area can be found at "the back part of the hill that leads down to Myrtle Ave—you will find less crowds, and a much steeper ride. You might even find some snowboarders there.")
  • The Nethermead—Picnic House area in Prospect Park (warning: gets crowded!)
  • The Long Meadow Slope—Tennis House Area in Prospect Park
  • Vanderbilt Playground (right off of Prospect Park Southwest)
  • Maryland Monument ("enter at Prospect Park Southwest and 16th Street and proceed across to Wellhouse Drive. The slope is by the bridge and is pretty steep.")
  • Sunset Park (enter at 41st/44th Street and 5th Avenue)—not crowded, not steep!
  • Owl’s Head Park in Bay Ridge (at Shore Parkway, Shore Road, Colonial Road and 68 Street)
  • Shore Road and 97th ("a big hill!)
  • Brooklyn Heights: the dog park by Harry Chapin Playground has a hill
  • Clumber Corner in DUMBO near the BQE and Washington Street (check it out here)


  • Forest Park: according to Mommy Poppins, "the popular spot is the golf course where, technically, sledding is not allowed because it's deemed unsafe by the parks department. There's also a hill in Forest Park at the Mary Whale Playground at 79th St and Park Lane."
  • Juniper Valley Park at 75th Street and Lower Highland Park


  • Clove Lake Park (official)
  • Dead Man's Hill in Silver Lake Park (popular unofficial spot)
  • Beach side of Mount Loretto


  • Ewen Park—one of the best sledding spots in the city (bonus: stairs for climbing back up the hill)
  • Van Cortland Park
  • Crotona Park at Fulton Ave around 174th Street

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