0805coyote.jpgThe NY Times treats us to a trend piece, sounding off the alarms of a newsflash: ambitious young people subsist on low incomes in NYC! Some choice quotes are sprinkled throughout:

  • “For a little while I only ate grapefruits for my lunch because they have a lot of nutrients and they got me through the day.”
  • “If I shop, I can’t have a social life and I can’t eat.”
  • Before moving from San Francisco last fall, Ms. Werkheiser realized that paying salon prices for platinum tresses in New York would require cutting back on needs like food and shelter. “So I went natural,” said Ms. Werkheiser. “I dyed it dark, a New York brunette.”
  • “I find in other cities guys are more apt to buy you drinks and expect nothing from it. Here, if they do buy you a drink, which is rare, you have to suffer through flirtations. It’s true,” she said, adding, “It’s really cheesy.”

But who hasn't snuck flasks into bars, cut their own hair, coveted thy neighbor’s salary, or subleted a walk-in closet in their New York lifetime? Some of the youngsters in the Times piece hope to laugh about this when they're rich and famous, so maybe the article will give them their 15 minutes.