While the State Assembly may be the face of dysfunction, we have to say their passage of a bill allowing New York City to increase the "failure to scoop dog doo" fine is something we can get behind. The bill, which would open the gate for fines to be increased from $100 to $250, still needs the State Senate's and Governor Spitzer's approval, but Assemblyman Audrey Pheffer of Howard Beach tells amNewYork he's sure it'll pass. "The fact is, it is a nuisance, it's a health problem."

It turns out that while fines are $100, most dog owners only pay $50. amNY says that the NYPD plus sanitation and parks employees are authorized to fine non-scooping dog owners, but that makes us think: Allow citizens to make citizen's arrest if dog owners leave poop behind. It might be fascist, but who wants poopy sidewalks?

Do you confront dog owners who don't scoop their dog's poop? And remember Joel Krupnik, who threw offending dog doo back at the dog's young owner? He pleaded guilty and got 10 days community service, was sent to mental health counseling, and had to pay $88 to reimburse the girl for her jacket. And a post about dog poop must mention New York Shitty.

Photograph by thelexiphane on Flickr who suggests the stencil is also asking, "No Poops of Diminishing Size Please"