Dinner plans fall through every day—that's why the gods of innovation invented Seamless. But for a group of people intent on celebrating their friend's birthday in chic fashion, that wasn't good enough. So naturally, they relocated the dinner and party to the least chic space in NYC: the J train.

Event coordinator Abby Uzamere, 26, told Gothamist that she and her friends were planning on going to a fancy restaurant to celebrate Amber Asaly's 26th birthday on Wednesday when they realized no one had actually made dinner reservations. "She flew in all the way from Cali, so we had to do something," Uzamere, who lives in Queens, said. Instead, they decided to throw her an impromptu "five star restaurant experience on the J train," complete with a meal of lobster, spaghetti and white wine.

After quickly prepping at home and each grabbing bags with festive stuff, the party of seven hopped on the J train around 10 p.m. at the Myrtle-Broadway stop in Brooklyn. "We cut out paper letters, we built a table on the train, we had decorations and confetti, and a piñata," she said. "We got on a semi-empty car and started decorating."

As for their fellow straphangers, who you can see in the video above watching as the party messily tore into the piñata, Uzamere said they were curious but (shockingly) respectful of the celebration: "People were looking and recording but for the most part, it's NYC and no one cared."

After about an hour on the train as it went back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan, they cleaned up and got off with all their party materials. "It was so much fun!" she added. "You have to have fun with it and remember this is for your friend. It took six of us to pull it off...we wanted to make her feel special."

Honestly, as long as they really did clean up after themselves, more power to them. It really could have gone so much worse.