As if the buckets of guest stars lined up for the long-awaited no-really-it-is-really-happening fourth season of Arrested Development on Netflix weren't enough, the whole thing just got even better. Don't blue yourself, guys, but move over Carl Weathers, because you (yes, YOU) could be the show's next big star. Steve Holt! The walk-ons are coming!

Yup, the greatest television show to be brought back to life by a website formally known for its amazing DVD selection has decided to open up a fan contest, and the prize is six (YES SIX) separate walk-on opportunities during the show's upcoming fourth season. Even better, as long as you live in the contiguous United States (sorry, Levi Johnston) they'll fly you out to LA for the fun, fun times.

The rules are simple:

1. Show that you deserve a walk-on role by creating an original piece of Arrested Development content. Entries can be videos (less than 2 minutes), photos, artwork, essays and more.

We’re looking for entries that are the most creative, unique and relevant to the show.

2.Post your entry on Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter with the hashtag #BluthWalkOn by October 16th to enter. Or enter using this form.

3. Walk On

Now if you will excuse us, we need to go and pull our old Motherboy costumes out of storage. Meanwhile, look how excited Michael Cera is about this whole idea!