Gene Wilder lived a long and wonderful life, and now he's dead. What a fucking bummer. You've got a great opportunity to say goodbye this weekend though, because some local AMC theaters (they of the controversial reserved seats) are showing Blazing Saddles, a Wilder classic, for just five dollars.

Three theaters in the New York City area (the AMC Empire 25, the AMC New Brunswick 18 and the AMC Stony Brook 17) will be showing one screening of Blazing Saddles on Saturday, September 3rd and Sunday, September 4th at 7:30 p.m. And, in a throwback to the era when it was made, it'll cost you just five American dollars. Damn, that's a bargain. AMC is also celebrating Wilder with Willy Wonka screenings for five bucks, but those are already sold out. Thanks for nothing, families with kids.

But hey, one Wilder classic for five dollars is better than zero Wilder classics for five dollars. And when it comes to Wonka, at least we'll always have those image macros. [h/t Mashable]