(Photo via vivnsect's flickr)

At any moment in time, there are two apartments for sale in New York City. But there are almost NEVER two apartments for sale in New York City that have a skybridge connecting them. Until now. 9 Jay Street and 67 Hudson #3B in Tribeca are on the market, and the property includes the Staple Street skybridge that connects them. Most recently, fashion designer Zoran Ladicorbic owned the bridge, and used it to connect his apartment to his fashion studio.

Jason Homa with TOWN West Village made note of the listing in his newsletter, writing: "By way of total coincidence, 9 Jay Street and 67 Hudson #3B are being offered for sale, off market, by one of those guys onMillion Dollar Listing. This will include the bridge connecting 9 Jay to the third floor apartment across Staple Street. Yes—the bridge will be all yours. The interiors are extremely bare, and open, compared to the historical exteriors. The price is available by request only."

The skybridge used to connect the New York Hospital's House of Relief, to an annex they built across Staple Street. According to the NY Times, "In 1907 the hospital built an annex (replacing the saloon/row house at Jay and Staple) as a stable and laundry, connecting it at the third-floor level using a pedestrian bridge. Although Staple Street was then just an industrial alley, the hospital had the architects Robertson & Potter design a handsome little building with a terra cotta plaque bearing the 'NYH' monogram on the Staple Street side. The monogram is still there."

Scouting once called it the lowest and most photographed skybridge in the city, but you can call it HOME.

UPDATE: According to the listing, via Tribeca Citizen, the units are "exclusively offered for sale together for the first time in over 30 years. The residence is currently an extraordinary 6,300 square foot home. 9 Jay St a 25’ wide townhouse on the northwest corner of Jay and Staple. 67 Hudson #3AB a condo and originally two separate apartments that were combined to create an oversized loft. And famed TriBeCa footbridge that connects the two properties at the third floor over Staple Street Alley."