A couple of years ago we looked at the Real World houses of New York. To recap: there was the SoHo loft (the original from 1992), the West Village apartmansion (2001), and the Red Hook warehouse (2008). If you're an incredibly wealthy fan of the show, you may be interested in knowing that the 2001 digs are now available to purchase... for $22 million. The pricetag may seem high but holy shit have you seen this house and also you don't need to live with any annoying strangers and you certainly won't be scripted into any on-air slapfights. Unless you want to! It's your money, man.

The mid-1800s home is an 8,000-square-foot, four story building at 632 Hudson, which for a time following the production was available for events. But before all that, and before reality television even existed, it had a real rich history:

"Originally built in 1847 as a townhouse for the family of a sash maker, 632 Hudson Street was converted to a general store and produce market late in the 19th century by Hugh King. He operated an import business and general store, purveying fine whiskies, wines and brandies among other goods, and owned the buildings until the start of World War II. This particular owner left a clear imprint on the buildings; from across the street one can make out the faded letters of the words 'fine whiskies and wine', and 'Hugh King 1881' is visible on the pediment to this day. In the 1930's, the building became home to an import export business and chorizo sausage factory, which it remained until 1992."

And yadda yadda yadda MTV. Curbed notes, however, the place isn't as it was Seen On TV, it's now been split up: "The space is divided into several units, according to the brokerbabble, including a triplex with a 40-foot atrium, a solarium, and a roof garden; a floor-through apartment and a separate studio below; and commercial space on the ground floor, with a prohibition-style speakeasy." Click through and slowly come to the realization that yes, yes you do want to live in a Real World house.