Buy her dead leaves this Autumn. (Shutterstock)

The leaves. (Courtesy of

There is an increasingly fine line between "genius" and "asshole," especially when it comes to those of a more entrepreneurial spirit. The Bindle Bros, for example, tied cloth to a stick and got a NY Times profile out of it. Is it parody or product? Both. And now this guy from Boston has stepped in to commodify Autumn.

The URL perfectly explains what his company does: offers Foliage as a Service (FaaS), and the people behind it promise to "collect, preserve and ship gorgeous fall foliage" right to your doorstep.

Three leaves will cost you $19.99, which comes to $6.66 per leaf. 666, as even the amateur satanist knows, is the "number of the beast." I am not saying there is a connection between this company, the man who runs it, and the underworld, or with any demon that presides over that underworld, I am just pointing to the facts.

The website also explains that the "Grade A" foliage is sourced from New England, and preserved in a way that "enhances the foliage color contrast and also preserves the leaves for years to come!" This process also sounds like dark magic.

Gothamist reached out to the man behind this venture (who is also in the shipping snow business) and I will update if he responds... unless my own ironically dumb product idea takes off and I suddenly disappear into a golden cloud of easy money.

[h/t Pat Kiernan]