Legendary rapper and founder of Roc-A-Fella records! One of the two wealthiest hip-hop artists in the world! Minority owner of the Nets! Beyonce's husband! If given the opportunity, we wouldn't blink an eye at the chance to hang out with Jay-Z. And if we had $20,000 or so available, we'd be able to do it very soon.

Despite his Nets allegiances (which maybe won't come into full-effect until the team moves to Brooklyn in a few years), Jay-Z is auctioning off two courtside seats to an upcoming Knicks game. You'll get to watch Stat, Melo, and Mr. Big Shot wheel-and-deal in action with the man who wrote, no, lived "99 Problems." The proceeds from the package (valued at $20,000) will benefit NYC's Stephen Gaynor School, which helps kids with learning disabilities reach their academic potential. The auction is currently at $16,000, and runs through March 30 at charitybuzz.com. And hey, if one of you gets it, could you maybe, ya know, bring us?