The Seinfeld apartment is one of the more realistic New York City television apartments—a pretty standard, no-frills one-bedroom, featuring a basic couch, basic decorations, and one not-very-basic neighbor. Classic NYC living. And now you can own a tiny version of it to put inside your own realistic NYC apartment. BYO-doll...

According to Laughing Squid, "artist Alan Wolfson worked with the original production designer of Seinfeld, Thomas Azzari, to create a tiny and highly detailed replica of Jerry Seinfeld‘s iconic apartment." (People love recreating this apartment—in 2015, Hulu built a life-size version.) It'll cost you about as much as that couch from IKEA, though—he's now accepting pre-orders, and the price tag is $399.99. They will ship in June of this year, about 27 years after the show premiered.

It doesn't feature that wall you never saw, but it does have: "100 unique miniature elements—including the furniture, bicycle on the wall, lighting fixtures and even a working version of Jerry’s front door." Here's a walk-through:

Now we need a miniature of their fake subway set and the Merv Griffin set that Kramer rescued from the trash.