2006_04_howardsternshow.jpgThe life of a public figure is never easy. Especially when you're a loud mouthed radio show host. Saturday night, Stern and his girlfriend Beth Ostrosky were attacked by a man on the Upper West Side. Gregory Forbes allegedly recognized the couple, yelled "Howard!" and got up in the couple's face. After the two jumped in cab the man chased down the cab and spit into the open window. The saliva projectile hit Ostrosky in the face. After calling police, Stern rode around in a police vehicle until they found Forbes on a nearby street.

Perhaps the deranged fan is one of the people that Stern is upset with. Stern told Entertainment Weekly that people that haven't followed him to Sirius are "cheap bastards" and that he takes it personally. Maybe chasing down that cab and spitting in was just his response.