2006_04_nyprhodrse2.jpgAha - the runaway horse spotted by our readers yesterday was a police horse that got away. The Daily News says the saddless horse galloped from Central Park at Columbus Circle down Broadway, before slowly to a trot when it reached Times Square. Then two police cars helped a mounted police officer secure the horse. Gothamist wonders why the horse ran away - in February, an NYPD horse bolted and hit an SUV. Are the conditions too stressful for horses? Do they need more vacation time? Luckily, in this incident, the horse seems okay and no one was hurt - a construction worker observed to the News that the horse was in the correct lane the whole time.

Just this week, there was a big feature on the mounted unit in the NY Times.

Photograph of the bizarre statue outside the NYPD Mounted Horse Unit Headquarters from Triborough on Flickr