Yesterday, the local news channels sent their news helicopters in full force to capture a police chase. However, the chasee was not a suspect - it was a nervous poodle on the Major Deegan Parkway during rush hour. Clearly, this is why news copters were created. Ken Baez claims that he and his wife were petsitting the poodle, Snoopy, for his mother-in-law, but Snoopy escaped. Baez's nephew told the NY Times, "I was going crazy because the dog was on the highway. They were like, he was neglected, but he wasn't. Everybody knows that dog." But, as with animals-seen-on-TV, many people called the ASPCA, claiming to be Snoopy's owner, so the ASPCA will be holding onto Snoopy for a while, checking out the claims.

How do you keep your dog from running away? Gothamist suggests getting a tag for your dog, or even a microchip, in case your dog goes on the run. And cityrag has some good ideas about how to hang with your dog when you're in the city.

Photo from WNBC