Chanukah, everyone's favorite not-really-a-high-holiday-but-let's-treat-it-like-one-anyway holiday, starts on December 2nd, bringing with it all the thrills of playing dreidel. And two Yeshiva University students are trying to make the game about more than just cheating your cousins out of all their gelt. Tomorrow's "Dreidelpalooza," organized by two Yeshiva University students, will attempt to draw over 540 dreidel spinners to get the whole thing into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The event will also raise money for the school. Organizer Jason Katz told the Daily News, "It's something everybody who's involved can tell their kids, tell their grandkids - I was part of a world record." It goes down tomorrow evening at the Max Stern Athletic Center at 185th St. and Amsterdam Ave, and in case you're a dreidel novice, there will be "tutorials" offered. Of course if you've spent your whole life without learning to work a top, you probably have bigger issues to deal with.