Nike released the Air Jordan 11 Retro "Concord" at midnight, and the $180 sneakers caused a stir at shopping malls across the country, to the point where reports of violence spurred a hoax Tweet that one person was killed for the shoes. Over in the NYC-area, there was a stampede at the Burlington Center Mall in NJ and a scuffle at the Staten Island Mall with at least two people being taken into custody.

According to the Staten Island Advance, six stores at the mall were selling the shoes and "thousands of people -- some of whom had waited on line for most of the day -- rushed to score a pair of the coveted Air Jordan XI sneakers.... The trouble began about 7:30 p.m., when folks discovered that the tickets they were holding for the midnight sale were useless, and some 2,000 of them made a dash for the front of the line, at the entrance to JCPenney. The line stretched back to Macy's, halfway across the Mall."

One man, who had tickets was waiting on line with his son and nephew SINCE 2:30 PM, wasn't impressed with the lack of security and had predicted "mayhem" (he was right!). Another person said, "They can't handle crowd control. Look at something as small as a sneaker line. They can't handle it," while another lamented society, "It was like a riot going on. This is disgusting. This is for a stupid sneaker. If this is what they're teaching our kids in schools and what their parents are teaching, then we have a huge problem."

A spokesman for the Indianapolis Police Department told ABC News, "I don't remember anything like this in the recent past at all, definitely not with the iPhone or anything like that." And in suburban Atlanta, a woman left her two toddlers in the car while she went to buy the sneakers—the cops had to smash the car's windows to get the kids out.

But at least there are many pairs being sold for hundreds of dollars on eBay!