It's all about the small pleasures in life, and Gothamist is happy to hear that Chappelle Show is renewed through 2006, which means two more 13 episode seasons. The 13 episodes include 10 original episodes, two "Best Of" episodes and one musical special per year, which isn't that different from what's happening now, but the new deal is worth $50 million because of DVD and syndication related money, according to the Hollywood Reporter (the same article notes that Chappelle Show helped Comedy Central this season). The new season of Chappelle Show will air early next year, but in the mean time, enjoy the reruns on Comedy Central or Chappelle Show Season 1 on DVD.

The Chappelle Show at Comedy Central has a new sound board where you can mix beats and sound clips: Example, Tron saying "banana" over a Latin mix or the Player Haters saying "reach for the sky" over hip-hop. And, of course, there are Rick James clips. Which brings us to Maddox's hilarious analysis of people who have co-opted "I'm Rick James, bitch!"

And, speaking of small pleasures, Gothamist has to thank Stereogum for the link to the Built to Spill cover of The Strokes' Someday. Again, the little things!