This year, give a Reel Good Gift— tree-free, 100% bamboo toilet paper delivered right to the door! Here’s why your friends and family will love it:

Reel good for the environment. Made from purpose-grown bamboo, it doesn’t contribute to the 27,000 trees flushed down the toilet (literally) every day. In fact – bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, it can be harvested once a year and doesn’t need to be replanted.

Reel good for their health. Soft, three-ply and free of dyes, inks and no BPA. Reel Paper provides guaranteed strength and softness.

Reel good for people. By purchasing Reel, you are supporting their mission to provide access to clean toilets to people in need around the world.

Reel convenient. No more running out or worrying about store shortages. Enjoy convenient, contact-free home delivery. 

This year, gift Reel!

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Reel Paper and Gothamist staff.