Ya Ya! Le Le! The Memphis Zoo's new pandas had a second date for the second day in a row. Zookeepers are hoping for some sweet panda loving between Ya Ya, the 3 year-old female, and Le Le, a 5 year-old male. Curator Kristi Newland tells the Commercial Appeal, "Introducing Ya Ya and Le Le at this stage should prepare them for the time when Ya Ya is sexually mature and physically capable of carrying cubs. Being together will also provide social enrichment for them." [Via reader Nancy - thank you]

Gothamist on Pandas in Memphis and pandas getting it on in DC.

The Memphia Zoo Panda site. Memphia Zoo research biologist Meghan Carr's Panda Journal has a slide of panda poo. And call us crazy, but we love how FedEx has a site dedicated to its panda shipments from China to the States and how people sign for the pandas ("Signed by C. Brady, Memphis Zoo).

Gothamist digs the Commercial Appeal's Panda section, covering all things PANDA in Memphis. The gallery (Panda Vision) is amazing, and it says "gomemphis.com. Your pandas. Online." Brilliant.