The crisp and clear weather was perfect for a Yankees 27th World Series Championship ticker tape parade—so perfect that the streets along the Canyon of Heroes were teeming with excited people celebrating the Bronx Bombers victory. In fact, check out the Gothamist Newsmap and see the incidents of "large crowd," "unruly crowd," and "airmail" (things larger than confetti/streamers being thrown) in the area.

At City Hall, Mayor Bloomberg hosted the Yankees for lunch (former mayors David Dinkins, Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani don't seem like they were invited, since they were sitting on the dais before the ceremony started) and then presented the team and rest of the organizations with keys to the city, specifically asking Hal Steinbrenner to bring one back to dad George, "the biggest Yankee." Finally, Jay-Z performed "Empire State of Mind" (with Bridget Kelly, not Alicia Keys) after the ceremony. Could this be the first time a drug-dealer-turned-rap star/entertainment mogul performed on the steps of City Hall?